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Couples Massage Class FAQ

Taproot Bodywork’s couples massage classes are meditative, nurturing, and educational. As a massage therapist and educator for 19 years, I am passionate about encouraging others to fully enjoy each moment of their lives – and giving and receiving nurturing touch is one powerful way to do so!

Couples massage classes are typically taught to just one couple at a time, though my studio can accommodate up to 2 couples for the Back Massage for Couples class, and up to 4 couples for Massage Greatest Hits. If you have friends with whom you’d like to simultaneously schedule, just let me know.

Though these classes are quite intimate, there is no sexual content and the massage receiver will always be appropriately covered by sheets and blankets.

Your workshop will start with a brief introduction to your instructor, and if it is a group class, to the other participants in the class. We’ll discuss what challenges you’ve encountered while massaging your mate, so that I can tailor the class to your needs. We’ll talk about the relevant anatomy, body mechanics, and if this is a back massage class, the advantages of massaging on a massage table.

One partner receives massage while the other practices for about half the class. After a brief intermission with snacks and beverages, partners exchange roles. We end the class with a feedback session, and then you’ll head home, with the skills to massage your partner.


The unique nature of couples massage classes means that scheduling is best accomplished by phone. Couples massage classes are scheduled at your convenience, on weekend or weekday afternoons. All classes take place at my Tumalo massage studio, above the Deschutes River.

A deposit of ½ of the class price is required to hold your spot. Payment can be made via cash, check, or electronically. Deposits are non-refundable, except in cases where I, for unforeseen reasons, am suddenly unavailable for the class. No-showing for a class will result in your loss of the full value of your deposit. In cases where adequate notice of cancellation has been provided by prospective students to me, a deposit may be used for a future class.

As of Summer 2022:

The Back Massage for Couples class is $350.

The Massage Greatest Hits class is $200.

A per-couple price reduction is available for group classes.


I will provide each participant with a health history form; please return it to me promptly as I must ensure that you do not have any health conditions that would make it risky for you to receive massage. While this is a rare occurrence, I do want you to be safe. The form also allows me to gauge what kind of accommodations may need to be made, and how best to structure the class to meet your massage needs. Email your form to:

On the day of class:

Arrive in or bring clothing and shoes that allow you to reach, stand, and bend your knees comfortably. Short sleeves are a necessity.

Please come in a reasonably clean state – i.e. not sweaty from the gym. Your partner will appreciate it. Shower facilities are not available.

Avoid wearing fragrant perfumes, aftershaves, etc. We will be working in close proximity to one and other, and some students are sensitive to scents. Please be considerate.

Trim your fingernails, preferably removing all of the white part. Long nails make it difficult to massage without scratching.

Long haired humans should bring hair ties, or other means of containing their hair while massaging.

Eat a light meal previous to class, but keep in mind that you and your partner may be laying on your tummies. There will be a brief break with a light snack about halfway through class. You may want to bring your own food if you have special needs.

Bring reading glasses, if you require them.

Covid considerations

I am triply vaccinated as of November 2021. I request that students be mindful of the risks of in-person massage sessions during the covid pandemic.

Masks are optional for vaccinated clients. I am very happy to mask for those who must be careful. Unvaccinated clients are required to wear masks and they must be worn correctly throughout classes.

If you experience any sign of illness in the week prior to your class, please call to reschedule. Refunds will not be given, but you may apply your deposit to another date.

What other questions do you have? Leave a comment, or get in touch via the chat function! I can't wait to share this class with you!

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