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All of Michelle’s sessions begin with a thorough interview to determine what a client wants and needs.

Massage sessions are an intuitive blend of the following relaxing and therapeutic


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage manipulates the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue employs a specialized set of techniques and strokes to relieve tension in the deeper tissues of the body. It should not be confused with deep pressure. Clients experiencing constant pain, who are very physically active, or who have sustained an injury may benefit from deep tissue.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone

Hot stones add an element of grounded warmth to any massage session. Smooth, oiled basalt stones are stroked along the body or placed in areas of greatest tension. Imagine your muscles melting under a warm rock!

Head Massage

Massage for Auto Accidents

Have you been in a car accident? Massage comfortably and effectively addresses the stress, strains and sprains that come with a motor vehicle accident. Most Oregonians will find that massage treatment, prescribed by a doctor or chiropractor, is paid in full by their car
insurance’s PIP coverage. Taproot Bodywork can bill your auto insurance for massage therapy treatment, with no out-of-pocket expense for you!


"For me, massage is a spiritual practice for both giver and receiver.  In everything is the seed of its apparent opposite, and in no practice is this more apparent than in the ordinary act of reaching out to touch another.  We need each other.  We each possess the power to heal, and this power can only move through creative action.  We, who have been so lost, desperately need keys to unlock the wisdom of affection and intimacy in safe, natural, and organic ways.  Massage is such a tool..."

Gabrielle Roth

White Flowers

About Taproot

Taproot Bodywork, LLC partners with clients to provide rehabilitative and therapeutic massage tailored to each client’s needs and desires in Tumalo, Oregon. Whether you seek relief from stress or strain, Taproot Bodywork has the techniques to help you feel better!

Michelle Poirot, LMT has enjoyed accompanying massage clients on their quests for happier and healthier lives since 2003. She is an avid runner, hiker, cyclist, rower, skate skier, dog walker, gluten-free recipe tryer, and chocolate fanatic.
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