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Couples Massage Classes and Massage Services

Couples Massage Classes

“Massage between partners opens a door to a uniquely sensual healing space – one in which
all the glorious and intimate details of the body are lovingly observed, sensation is
celebrated, and emotions are freed.”

Taproot Bodywork offers couples massage classes for client-students who wish to develop a deeper connection to their sweethearts and a greater understanding of their bodies. Classes are scheduled at your convenience at my studio along the Deschutes River in Tumalo.


All classes include...


  • The undivided attention of a massage expert and educator

  • Easy, effective massage techniques

  • An emphasis on excellent body mechanics to keep your thumbs from getting tired

  • A bottle of premium massage lotion to take home

  • An illustrated pdf to help you recall your new skills

  • A quiet, deeply relaxing interlude of learning and connection at my peaceful studio in Tumalo

See below for details about the variety of couples massage class offerings. 

Classes can also be tailored to your particular needs!

Couples Massage Class - Back Massage

Back Massage for Couples

A decadent, 4-hour class, in which you and your partner will learn how to replace back tension with love and relaxation. $350/couple

Couples Massage

Massage Greatest Hits

A sweet, 2-hour class that focuses on relaxing your partner's hands, feet, and head. $200/couple

Couples Massage Class - Foot Massage
Couples Massage Class - Shoulder Massage

Full Body Massage Class - in Development!

A day-long experience of connection, relaxation, and learning.

Looking for info about workshop details, scheduling, preparation, and covid considerations?  Go here.


Class content and scheduling are tailored to your needs.

Click below to fill out a quick form.  I'll be in touch shortly!

Flower Blossoms

It was really important to take this time for me and my wife in commitment to each other. Michelle was very knowledgeable and created a peaceful, safe environment while also being great at giving instruction for how to more effectively massage each other. Michelle was also curious, non-judgmental, and was very patient and thorough with her expert teaching on the art of massage. I would recommend this for anyone really wanting to learn how to support and love on their partner through massage.

BL, Bend

"For me, massage is a spiritual practice for both giver and receiver.  In everything is the seed of its apparent opposite, and in no practice is this more apparent than in the ordinary act of reaching out to touch another.  We need each other.  We each possess the power to heal, and this power can only move through creative action.  We, who have been so lost, desperately need keys to unlock the wisdom of affection and intimacy in safe, natural, and organic ways.  Massage is such a tool..."

Gabrielle Roth

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